Hello! I am John White

I am an artist and marketing specialist from Northwest Indiana. I focus on Online Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography, and Video Production. I have experience and success working on and managing projects involved with each category of the marketing world. I have done everything from starting businesses for fun all the way to managing entire teams of creatives to help develop and brand companies, projects of all sizes, websites, videos, and much MUCH more from the ground up. I love everything involved with the marketing and art world and I make sure it shows in all of my work.

182117_10151815690045593_2019167853_nMy Story

I started my art journey when I was in High School at the age of only 13/14. I was really interested in video production so I joined a class that did just that. I got sucked in and soon found myself purchasing my first DSLR camera to make more videos. I started making a new video almost every day and putting them on Youtube and eventually started learning video motion design with 3D and 2D animations. I was gaining a lot of attention online and ended up forming a Youtube partnership. It was really awesome and I met a lot of great people in the process. It was truly a surreal feeling for a 15/16 year old.

Eventually with the constant use of my DSLR, I found a liking/obsession to Photography. I began learning the ins and outs of my new obsession while still perfecting my video production skills, all this while still focusing on finishing high school. I bought tons of gear, built a studio space, and reached out to a TON of big name creatives in the field to learn from them. Before school was over for me, I was already shooting commercial work in Chicago and shooting or assisting a wedding almost every weekend I had free. It was awesome.

Being in the city lead me into learning about marketing and graphic arts. Just like the last two skills, I became obsessed with the entire field of the two. I learned everything I could about design. I spent all my freetime mastering photoshop editing and illustrator design. I then took to building websites to share my work and found out that it was a blast. I began forming small companies for fun to see if I could build sites, market them, make designs for everything, and combine my video and photo skills to make awesome marketing materials to share on the social media pages I had created. I truly learned the ins and outs of business development and marketing. This didn’t go unrecognized.

i-KJprHBv-X2I was brought on shortly after creating my small businesses for fun to actually develop websites, marketing strategies, graphic design projects, and much more for many local businesses. Eventually I found myself doing work for some of the largest corporations in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland. Things moved very quickly and I learned more and more each week. Now, I find myself extremely skilled with marketing, design, video production, and photography to the point where I can combine all of them with ease and I know the ins and outs of the industry and the programs needed to be successful in it like the back of my hand.

My story is one that continues to grow. Why so? Because I find that my passion for what I do is still there. I am now 22 and have been still working just as hard as day 1 when I was only 15 to learn more and more about the industry I am in love with. So far, life has treated me greatly with the opportunities I have been given. I am excited for what the future holds for my story.

Want to learn more about me or become a part of my story?

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